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12. jun 2024

Meet Per Gunnar Nygård: The Foreman at Meløy Notbøteri

In 2007, Per Gunnar Nygård began his journey at Meløy Notbøteri. It all started with a conversation with an acquaintance who worked there. Given Per's 20 years of experience in factory work and handling trawler nets, he was quickly offered a position. Impressively, he had always been in high demand and had never needed to submit a job application before!

The Role of Foreman

As a foreman, Per Gunnar's primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees. The company places significant emphasis on health, safety, and environmental (HSE) standards. Per's role involves task distribution, but he also spends a considerable amount of time on the floor, actively ensuring operations run smoothly. This aspect of the job demands a lot of energy and organizational skills, which he finds quite enjoyable.
– I am involved in almost every project, which makes each workday both exciting and varied. Recently, we completed a specific project: crafting a seine net for Jarle Bergs Sønner. This project, like most others, required meticulous planning and execution and was a really great project to work on, Per Gunnar says. 

Being a foreman entails a great deal of responsibility and strategic thinking. Per has developed these skills over time through hands-on experience and a thoughtful approach to daily challenges.
– It's about seeing the broader picture and ensuring everything functions seamlessly, he points out.
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Building Trust and Motivation

Trust and collaboration are key to their operations. Per highlights the importance of maintaining good communication with his boss, who is also great at organizing team-building activities.
– We are good at tackling challenges together because we all work towards common goals, creating a positive and productive work environment, Per Gunnar says. 

Per finds motivation in knowing he's doing his best at work. Even though there's a lot to do, he says he feels a great sense of achievement and happiness from getting the job done right.

Looking Ahead

To finish off, we asked Per what he thinks the industry will look like in the future:
– The fishing industry is inherently unpredictable. However, as things stand, the future looks promising for Meløy Notbøteri. We have a steady stream of work, though we always need to remain vigilant, because circumstances can always change.